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two new pieces…

This morning, after dropping the kids of at school, I packed my camera, two new samples and the letters for my new logo – Plastic is Forever – into my little blue back pack, jumped on my bike and rode to the beach. It was already hot, like 83, so first I swam, then I shot my pix, as people came by, a woman in a French striped tee walking her terrier, an old couple holding hands, a few buff guys, including one who came right up to me, and while running said, “good morning, looking beautiful,”

Oh, I love working on this new collection!

The first scarf beaded by Lucia and her mother Sandra. Looking great, I’m happy….

and a new, large and chunky, neckpiece…

and then the logo made from bits of plastic that resemble letters, for my new e-commerce site, plasticisforevershop.com , hopefully launched soon although its a bugger figuring it all out, like I did half the site and then I realized the template I was using did not allow for ordering different sizes… F@$&*K

Starting all over…now…


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