I created Plastic is Forever after collecting beach-plastic debris that pollutes the oceans and washes up on shores all over the world in quantities too large to ignore and too damaging to leave behind. I was seduced by the natural patina of the plastic which is created by years of being tumbled in sun, salt and sand. I started by making jewelry and recently added clothes because I’ve been a fashion designer for like ever. I picked the name Plastic is Forever because it suggests that beach plastic too can be a girl’s best friend. I wanted to manufacture small and local so all the pieces in the collection are made by floridian and bahamian women. I hope all of us together can help reduce plastic pollution. Part of the Plastic is Forever proceeds go to Oceana, the largest international ocean protection group.

Thank you,

Barbara de Vries


4 responses to “About

  1. lysette

    too cool.. as it ever was..

  2. as ever you are ahead of the wave, swimming before the tide, thinking thoughts that haven’t come to us mere mortals yet, stuck as we are with our heads in the sand.
    T shirt and sarong please… shorts and biking when I lose a few pounds.

  3. barbidoesmiami

    oh, you two! You complete me. The compliments are yummy, of course, but to have you each here is heaven!

  4. Nice post, I love the website.

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