three new colors

We’re churning them out!

Lucia and her mother have now beaded six scarves for Plastic is Forever, soon I will have to deliver them to the Delano Base shop.
It will be hard, I’m so attached, picking each morsel of plastic, shaping and drilling it, the excitement of getting them back from Lucia, taking their pictures on the beach, they’re a part of me, and I don’t really want to send them into the world….

All scarves are $250.00 and available at BASE @ the Delano, Miami Beach.

Part of the proceeds of Plastic is Forever go to Oceana and you too can donate, click on logo for link…

Oceana is the largest international Ocean Protection & Restoration Environmental advocacy group dedicated to protecting and restoring the world’s oceans. They have a program in place that helps deal with the effects of the oil spill and they lobby against off – shore drilling…



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2 responses to “three new colors

  1. Man Ray

    Incredibly beautiful!
    Keep it up!!

  2. jayne

    I love them barbara…beautiful…xoxoox

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