the process

Today I launched my “cottage industry” of local sewers. I dropped off my first box with Lucia, a scarf, several hundred bits of beach plastic (pre-drilled), recycled nylon rope for thread, and a map of how to sew the pieces….
Lucia came with her mother and met me at the fountain five blocks north of here. Both of them used to work in a beading factory in North Miami…
There were about forty replies to my ad on Craig’s list – Beaders Wanted. Its a start, employ locally and aid the Florida economy in a miniscule way. I’ve started two companies in the past, one in London one in New York but I always had my eye on the outcome, this time I’m loving every baby step of the process.

I must be growing up.

the sewing package…

white on white – a map…

the crazy plastic driller….

drilled and loved, the next batch – an orange scarf….

my work bench in the garage of our “candy-land bachelor pad”…


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  1. A. Quinlan

    Love this, Barb. (Though when I read on FB I thought you were opening a bunch of city sewers, as in drainage infrastructure, in Miami.) Congrats! xoxoAlexis

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